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The LEAP Empowerment Curriculum

Our aim is to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that is inclusive, representative and inspirational.  We expect it to be rigorous in its design with clear outcomes and high expectations and to provide active and relevant learning opportunities, which involve the whole community. We aim for our curriculum to be creative and motivating, nurturing a love and curiosity for learning and developing well-rounded individuals who are curious about the world around them and who are hungry to learn more.

Curriculum Design

Our curriculum is designed to fully meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum but also to ensure that we provide rich learning opportunities, which deepen and extend understanding. In 2020 LEAP begun the journey of creating and embedding an empowering, ‘Rich, Relevant and Representative’ curriculum to:

  • provide, for all of our pupils, a sense of belonging and identity and their place in time and the world around them
  • teach an accessible educational curriculum that reflects our multi-ethnic and broadly diverse cohort, whilst raising attainment for all pupils
  • celebrate the achievements and contributions of the African, Asian, and Middle Eastern Diaspora to Britain and the world
  • explore the structural inequities they face, empowering them to overcome and change through education
  • engage, reflect and inspire our children by asking the big questions and allowing them to imagine an aspirational future
  • empower our children to dream bigger, fight harder and reach higher

You can find out more about this process on the Empowerment Curriculum tile below.

Foundation Subjects

The foundation subjects are an exciting part of our curriculum that allow us to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum, which is rich, relevant and representative.  Geography, History, Art, Science, RE, Music, PSHE, Spanish, PE, Design & Technology and Computing are based on the National Curriculum objectives and are led across all three schools by a Curriculum Leader.  Each leader is an expert in their field and passionate about the subject which they lead.  This has allowed us to maintain a creative and engaging approach to these subjects whilst ensuring rigor and high standards. 

The Hackney School of Food also offers a rare and exceptional opportunity for our pupils.  In addition to cooking and gardening lessons, the School of Food is also used across the curriculum to support learning in geography, history, maths, English, Spanish, design and technology and science. 

You can find out more about each subject by clicking on the individual tiles below.

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