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Our Strategic Priorities

The LEAP Federation's strategic priorities are


Areas for development

Quality of Education

  • Ensure our ‘Rich, Relevant and Representative’ curriculum is constantly reviewed, developed and refined to deliver memorable learning experiences
  • Inspire highly skilled subject leads to embed a firm and shared understanding of curriculum among teachers
  • Ensure that Headteachers and other Senior Leaders receive support, development time and wellbeing support
  • Ensure that middle leaders are given real world challenging training towards becoming school leaders
  • Ensure that any gaps between groups in attainment are closing
  • Senior and Subject leaders work together to ensure standards are continuously raised in all schools and phases

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Continue to improve attendance and punctuality across the federation especially of identified groups
  • Listen to the feedback from children and use it to continuously improve motivation, attitudes to learning and pupil safety
  • Expect responsible and appropriate behaviour from all children and help those who find this challenging to make lasting change
  • Raise aspirations for all children to aim towards higher education, further education, and ambitious career targets by providing role models and wider experiences of the whole of society
  • Work with parents, children, governors and staff to ensure a sense of belonging is constantly at the core of our work for all people in our school community. Ensure all stakeholders feel able to call out prejudice and unconscious bias whenever it occurs and to feel empowered to do so.

Personal Development



  • Support children’s mental health and well-being by ensuring that it remains a priority for all staff
  • Ensure that children are equipped to keep safe and well in a variety of contexts including online, in public areas and when travelling
  • Ensure that healthy nutritional advice is embedded in the curriculum, that keeping active all year around is facilitated and that children understand the importance of physical and mental health for their future wellbeing

Leadership and management

  • Cross federation subject leads deliver effective teacher CPD for their subjects and unit focussed training
  • Stakeholder views taken into account and actions developed and communicated accordingly
  • Effective use of deprivation funding, ensuring that this impacts on progress and attainment of those children who need our help the most
  • To develop and embed an empowering, ‘Rich, Relevant and Representative’ curriculum that better reflects our multi-ethnic and broadly diverse cohort and raises attainment for pupils
  • Governors to take a full and active role in the school community, supporting schools staff in encouraging our young people to take leadership roles

Securing the Future

  • Effective communication to support the work of the schools
  • Effective financial management to ensure that standards in teaching and learning are maintained whilst managing financial challenge
  • To embed Hackney School of Food as Hackney wide resource to promote excellent food education
  • Ensure that eco-education helps children to understand the importance of looking after the world they will inherit and helps to keep energy use in schools down
  • Team work and sustainable leadership
  • Developing everyone in our workforce to progress along our career pathway